Bengaluru: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed havoc on the country. 

It has snatched away lives and livelihoods, has made people utterly helpless and hapless, attacking everyone with absolute disdain. 

Sadly and unfortunately, the viral vengeance has also not spared kids. Stories of how these kids have lost their parents, leaving them orphaned for a lifetime, abound. 

During such a crucial juncture, NGOs have come forward to lend a helping hand to these destitute kids. 

An NGO – SOS children’s village – in Bengaluru has come forward to take care of such orphans, as reported by India Today. 

The organisation takes care of as many as 9 covid orphans in the city. 

Rakesh Jinsi, President says, “Children need short-term care because of the effects of covid or long-term care as they would have lost their parents. Our organisation takes care of all such children. They are either reunited with their families or made self-reliant”.

The organisation also ensures that these children are mentally fit by engaging them in different activities. 

S Baskaran, director says, “These children are engaged in various activities using indoor games and online education. They also get to interact with other children so that their mental stress is relieved. Some of the children do not have any biological family members but they get exemplary care in the organisation.” 

The organisation has also hired the services of a caregiver who takes care of the kids as her own. 

Lola K Naik, a caregiver says, “During the ongoing covid crisis, some children are brought here. These children interact with other kids here. We try and ensure they feel at home here”. 

A great number of children have tested positive for the virus. So this organisation ensures that the children here are kept absolutely safe. 

Moreover, they also make sure the kids do not lose their futures just like they have lost their parents.