New Delhi: Neeraj Chopra is a resident of Delhi who operated his business in foreign countries like Hong Kong in the past. A few years back, he heard the news of his uncle’s demise, and so he returned back to India. He decided to open a new enterprise which would allow him to stay close to his family. 

Neeraj used his immense knowledge about the Chinese market and devised a plan of importing power banks from other countries. He named his startup ‘Zobox’ and built a company worth Rs 50 crore. 

From selling vegetables to import business

Neeraj’s grandfather was a resident of Pakistan. During the partition, he came to India and started his new life here. To earn a living, he did menial jobs. Neeraj’s father used to sell vegetables on a handcart. Neeraj was sent to good schools to obtain education that his father couldn’t. 

A few years later, through sheer hard work Neeraj’s father became an independent individual and started his import-export business in Hong Kong. After completing his schooling in India, Neeraj moved to Hong Kong at the age of 18 and earned his degrees. 

Returning to India

China boasts a rapidly growing economy and has magnificent achievements in the field of technology. During his graduation and the experience with his father’s business, Neeraj became proficient with marketing skills. After running the business for 12 years, his father handed over the responsibility of running the company to Neeraj and he came back to India. After some time, hearing the news of his uncle’s demise, Neeraj returned to India as well. 

Selling second hand mobile phones

After having experienced a setback, he needed to start a business again. Neeraj did his research about the Indian market. Demonetization took place during the same time when Neeraj invested lakhs of money in his new import business. His business of selling old mobile phones finally took off after the lockdown in 2020. 

Making profits

Neeraj’s company sells old mobile phones and also imports power banks. The work is done efficiently through the use of an application. Vendors buy mobile phones in huge orders and sell them in village areas. His company also provides warranties on the handsets. 

Neeraj could earn a huge profit from the sales because of his deep understanding of the business world and the huge demand for buying affordable smart phones in the villages. He acquires old mobile phones from mobile companies, e-commerce platforms and insurance companies. 

The company runs a refurbishment unit on Karol Bagh, Delhi. The sales have increased from selling 100 mobiles in a month to selling 20-25 thousand mobiles in a month. From deciding on the price of the refurbished products to the repairment charges, everything is done systematically.