Bengaluru: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is known for her appeasement strategy. 

And during the outbreak of the pandemic, instead of ensuring that the people are taken care of, she unnecessarily gets into a fight, making everything a mess. 

Now, the Governor of the state, Jagdeep Dhankhar has openly criticised her for her appeasement strategy. 

Sources tell us that he wrote 3 letters in less than 24 hours. 

"I can figure out that your entire strategy is crafted to deliberately divert people's attention from your abject failure in combating and containing coronavirus in West Bengal. Your appeasement of the minority community was so explicit and awkward that as regards a question about the Nizamuddin Markaz incident by a journalist, your reaction was 'Do not ask communal questions'. This is most unfortunate and cannot be appreciated. You will appreciate that a perpetrator can never position as victim.” 

He also added, "Ours is the only state where central teams whose only role is affirmative and in aid of the state, are made to face unwholesome scenario. In all other states, it was seamless. Your cover up 'mechanism' would lead to very painful results. Banning of mobile phones inside isolation wards is a case in point. Time to reveal the real picture so that our fight against the coronavirus (pandemic) may be enhanced and sharpened."

The Governor also blasted her addressing people on the streets. He said, "How sagacious is it for the CM to take mike and broom day after day in this grim situation. Real time action and effective governance are need of the hour - not theatrics or politicking. As an escape route you thought of being in your favourite pastime of being in 'accusatory mode' and take to streets. Let me indicate in times of such gigantic crisis 'street fighter approach' is counter-productive and has potential to spell disaster for the people."