New Delhi. Dipali Mahato comes from a tribal family in Jharkhand. Venturing into ornamental fish farming business transformed her life entirely. From not being able to afford a single meal, she has now become the sole breadwinner of her family. Ornamental fish farming involves keeping colourful fish in aquariums which are reared in confined aquatic systems. These ornamental fish are often considered auspicious.

Dipali Mahato

Dipali Mahato is a resident of Golmuri in Jamshedpur. Her family was going through financial difficulties. When she learned about ornamental fish farming, she contacted the Department of Fisheries Centre in Jharkhand. After gaining knowledge about it, she ventured into this business in the year 2018. 

Starting the business

The first few years were difficult to make her business successful. During the pandemic, it became challenging to find customers. In the year 2022, she got support from a government tribal plan. She received FRP decorative tank, seeds, fodder, aerator, medicine and other necessary things. She even took further training to improve the prospects of her business. 

Dipali travelled from her town to ornamental fish villages in Howrah, West Bengal. She learned about fish farming, breeding, and construction of aquariums. She built an ornamental fish farm of 450 square feet in the back of her house. 

Achieving success

In her fish farm, she installed 80 tanks and 50 aquariums. Around Rs 60-70 thousand are invested in the farm yearly. Through her efforts, she makes Rs 1.5 lakh in a year. She has not only made herself self-reliant but has become an inspiration to other tribal women.


Image credits: ICAR