The video, shared by the food handle cherishing_the_taste, depicts the process of adorning the puris with delicate gold and silver foils, followed by a drizzle of honey and dry fruits, culminating in a serving with syrup. The food vloggers featured in the video enthusiastically endorse the dish, lauding its regal flavour profile. Describing the taste as 'royal,' the handle emphasised the delectable combination of the fried puri and other ingredients, particularly appealing to those with a sweet tooth. 

Despite the opulence of the gold and silver panipuris, the handle also recommends sampling their regular range of panipuri for those inclined towards savoury lavors. The video, now a sensation online, has garnered over 2 million views, eliciting a plethora of reactions from food aficionados. In response to the video, one user humorously suggested renaming the dish "BAPPI LAHIRI Pani puri," while another urged for a complete name change to align with the unique offering.

Contrary to the luxurious twist on panipuri, a user expressed a sentiment shared by many, emphasising the irreplaceable joy of savouring traditional roadside panipuris. Previously, a video featuring a vendor claiming to serve the world's spiciest panipuri generated buzz on social media, showcasing adventurous foodies sampling the fiery treat with a towering potato filling.