Upon finishing his declaration, Mr. Krishnan's grandfather gracefully welcomed fellow passengers. In the midst of a round of applause, his mother, clearly moved, wiped away tears.  The utmost respect from me. As he reflected on the touching experience, Mr. Krishnan posted an Instagram reflection on the universal desire of pilots to one day fulfil the dream of flying with their loved ones.

Many people were moved by the pilot's touching gesture towards his family in the video that went viral. Another user complimented the profound emotion of the moment, highlighting the pride it brought to the family members there, while one user lauded the pilot's gesture as a genuine demonstration of him giving joy through his job.

Sharing the pilot's respect for his family's devotion, a user emphasised the significance of staying true to one's heritage and making lasting experiences with loved ones, reiterating feelings of family pride and success. Viewers resonated with the pilot's touching homage to his family, and the favourable social media replies highlighted the importance of family ties and the power of sincere acts of kindness.