Double-decker buses in London have been decorated with gorgeous images of Kerala, including landscapes from the scenic backwaters. This imaginative endeavor intends to enhance state tourism, especially as the summer vacation season approaches. A viral video featuring the double bus logo has received a lot of attention on social media channels.

An Instagram user expressed his surprise after discovering a bustling London with advertisements promoting Kerala tourism. As the video plays, the user depicts the entire look of the bus, including images from the backwaters. 

The bus now bears the Kerala Tourism emblem and has photographs of Alappuzha's houseboat, snake boat races, and water features all over it. One side of the bus bears the hashtag "#TravelForGood."


He records the video while strolling alongside the bus and singing aloud a Malayalam song, demonstrating how the entire bus is covered in scenes from Kerala backwaters. 

Users on social media expressed surprise at the video. One of them said, "Wow, the whole of Alappuzha is in the vehicle," while another said, "Alappuzha, Kuttanad supremacy everywhere."

PA Muhammad Riyas, the state tourism department minister, tweeted a video of this bus on his social media profile, along with a comment stating that this is Kerala tourism's new advertising plan. He also encouraged viewers to submit fresh marketing ideas in the comments section for the tourism department to consider and launch in foreign nations.