Telangana Rashtra Samithi working president, K Taraka Ramarao (KTR), who had earlier said that they will enter Andhra Pradesh politics, recently said that they have no business whatsoever in Andhra Pradesh elections. 

This happened when a portion of Pawan Kalyan's speech went viral on social media. In this video, Jane Sena's leader was seen telling the crowd that caste and religious differences have led the people of Andhra Pradesh to fight among themselves. He was also seen saying that people from Andhra Pradesh are beaten up in Telangana.

Following Pawan's speech, KTR took to Twitter on Friday to react. He slammed the Jana Sena chief saying that such dialogues in a campaign create unwanted negativity.

The TRS leader also shared the video and captioned it saying: "Dear Pawan Kalyan garu, I hope this was misrepresentation of your thoughts. As you're aware, Telangana is home to people from 29 states, who are living harmoniously ever since the formation of the state. I am sure you agree with me that this sought of rhetoric creates undesirable negativity."

After that, he didn't stop. He went on to speak to media about this issue and said, "Pawan Kalyan's farmhouse is here (Telangana). He is living here and he also put up candidates here. He can come and campaign here. One year ago, he heaped praises on K Chandrasekhar Rao saying that there is peace and harmony prevailing here. What happened all of sudden now? Since we have done well, even Andhra origin settlers have voted for us. (SIC)"

"We have no business in Andhra Pradesh politics. We do not have any benefit whosoever is in power in Andhra Pradesh. We are not in the race of Andhra Pradesh elections. Whatever happens, it is our neighbouring state. We have no business in Andhra Pradesh nor are we interested in doing anything for the people there,” KTR said, according to reports published on Mirchi9. 

However, many of Pawan's fans trolled KTR because he allegedly reacted to an edited and fabricated video released by Telugu TV news channel ABN.

The fans also slammed these TV channels on Twitter, which used such badly edited video during the campaign for Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections.