The internet is buzzing with the video of a Rajasthani guy using a creative homemade air conditioner to beat the summer heat. Social media users have hailed this easy-to-assemble and inexpensive cooling system for its simplicity and efficacy.

Seven bricks and a table fan are all you need to make this unique air conditioner. The man positions the bricks in front of the fan and mists them with water in the video. The cooling impact of the fan blowing air over the wet bricks is remarkable, relieving the intense heat.

Many people find this idea clever, especially those who are worried about expensive electricity bills or cannot afford regular air conditioners. This technique provides a cheap substitute for staying cool with little expenditure and effort.

While many less fortunate people find it difficult to stay cool, those who can afford to install air conditioners can tolerate the heat with ease. Social media users have praised this do-it-yourself option, citing its practicality and simplicity of usage. Numerous people have referred to it as a savior, emphasizing the enormous potential it may have for people suffering from intense heat who lack access to costly cooling equipment.

A different kind of attention was paid to a different video that showed a man trying to cool off using a conventional setup, a cooler put up in front of an open refrigerator. This approach was met with criticism rather than praise due to its incomplete grasp of fundamental thermodynamics.  

"Based on physics principles, this action will raise the room temperature instead of lowering it," remarked one user. "It amplifies the heating process. It seems someone overlooked basic thermodynamics," added another. Detractors highlighted that this arrangement would not just fail to chill the space but also strain the refrigerator, resulting in heightened heat production overall.