In the aftermath of the video gaining traction, the interviewer, Tamal Saha, took to social media to clarify the situation. Saha asserted that Moitra actually responded with "eggs" when quizzed about her morning energy source, emphasising the distortion and misinterpretation propagated by online trolls. Beyond the contentious energy revelation, the conversation with the Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader delved into her expulsion from Parliament, Bengali cultural nuances, and the pervasive issue of misogyny.

Despite Moitra's clarification and contextualization, the video stirred a mix of astonishment, mockery, and disparaging commentary among netizens. Responses from online users ranged from amusement to scrutiny, with varying interpretations of Moitra's statement. Some perceived her words through the lens of gender empowerment and spiritual beliefs, while others resorted to derogatory remarks and political jibes. 

The video incident adds to the existing cloud of allegations surrounding Moitra, including accusations of receiving cash in exchange for posing questions on behalf of a prominent businessman. Her expulsion from Lok Sabha due to unethical conduct further amplifies the scrutiny surrounding her political career. Nonetheless, Moitra remains a prominent figure in the electoral landscape, contesting upcoming polls in the Krishnanagar constituency under the TMC banner.