The focus has recently been on Maharashtra, as 13 constituencies, including six significant ones in Mumbai, held their elections on May 20. This marked the state's final voting day, which took place in five phases April 19, April 26, May 7, May 13, and May 20. People started voting at 7 a.m. 

One voter in particular piqued everyone's interest. He was a 101-year-old guy who went to his designated polling location to vote.

Not only do young people vote, but so do senior residents. A photo of the 101-year-old man, Karkhanis, went viral recently. He voted at the Raheja College polling station, demonstrating his devotion and resolve to vote, inspiring many people around the country. According to reports, Karkhanis is a retired Indian army officer. His dedication wowed many on social media.

The Mumbai Police Department put his photo on their official Instagram account, complimenting his actions and urging others to vote. They stated that their personnel at the Santacruz Police Station guaranteed Karkhanis had no difficulty voting.

They uploaded the picture, and it immediately went viral. People were impressed by the old man and took to the comments area to praise and thank him for setting a great example for everyone. A user said, "Such an inspiration." My grandfather, who is 98 years old, also voted today. "Good job, Mumbai Police." Someone wrote, "Respect to Mumbai Police for helping out the elderly and managing things so well."