Mohammed Azharuddin MAU.Azhar upbringing was away from fashion but his dresses and attires always talked about his love for fashion. He has done wonders with his Instagram portfolio making him a social media star overnight. This young model managed everything by himself and today is a renowned star.

He was known as the most stylish person in his circle that made him come closer to fashion, and different aspects of fashion as well. Fashion made him embark upon his blog writing different posts covering various aspects of the blog. 

Now, he has become a big name in the fashion world and intends to go a long way in this field. He may divert in other directions in his career but wants to stay along in this field for long and would like to be known as well. His passion for fashion has worked for him and now he is just returning to the readers and people connected with the blog with deep insights that he has gained by remaining in the fashion world. This is just the start for this young man as Mohammed Azharuddin has a long way to go. In other words, he has carved his content hard in the fashion world.