Going to the gym isn't for everyone and you don't need to feel bad about it. One can get bored easily while waiting for the treadmill to free up. Thankfully, workouts don't need to take place at the gym alone. There are plenty of YouTube videos detailing exercises that can be easily performed at home. What do you need? Just determination and perhaps a pair of training shoes.

Nowadays, celebrity fitness trainers are very active on social media and their workouts are designed in such a way that you will develop muscles, lose body fat and gain a healthy physique. Here's our pick of fitness trainers whose workouts have worked and can be replicated at home. 

Yasmin Karachiwala

She's trained celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon. Although Bollywood's A-listers perform pilates at her gym, her YouTube videos include a range of exercises that vary from high intensity to basic stretches. There are several videos dedicated to ab exercises. You should check out her videos if you were shocked to see Kaif's fab abs in Kaala Chashma. 

Vinod Channa

His workouts are aimed at you gaining muscle strength. You would need some dumbbells to perform his workouts at home. But if you do, then you could get a body like John Abraham's.

Rebecca Louise 

This fitness blogger's YouTube page is treasure trove of every kind of workout. She mainly focuses on body weight training, meaning you will have to do jumps, kicks, squats, ab crunches and work with a kettle bell. This helps in losing body fat at a much higher pace while you end up developing a strong core.

Namrata Purohit

She focuses on pilates and you don't need any machines to do this. Purohit's 10 minute workout stretches out the entire body and helps keep it fit. Purohit's simple exercises are best for anyone who is just starting out.

Cindy Jourdain


Her workouts include a mix of body weight exercises, strength training and dance. To be sure, her workouts are pretty intense so take a look at her Instagram page if you've already spent time in the gym.