Bengaluru: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor shared an adorable picture of hers on Twitter. 

The photo pertains to when he she was young and rust us! She does look very, very adorable! 

The tweet reads: Throwback to the photoshoot wearing my baby best!

Styled by my very first stylist #sunitakapoor


Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of actor and producer Anil Kapoor and designer Sunita. 

During her childhood days, as reported in a popular website, she was very naughty and carefree. The website also adds that she was very bullyish in her character and loved to take on boys. 

A girl wearing many hats, Sonam Kapoor excelled both in sports and cultural activities. She was as dexterous in playing rugby or basketball as she was in Kathak, classical music or Latin dance. 

It is not just movies in which Sonam Kapoor has excelled. She is seen as a woman who doesn’t mince her words in expressing herself and standing up for what she believes is right. 

It is pertinent to recall her views on feminism. 

These are her views on feminism. Take a read! 

“I think I have said I am a feminist since I have come into the industry. If you go through any of my interviews from 2007, you will see that I have always said that I am a feminist. People don’t understand the meaning of feminism. Feminism is saying that we are all equal. The right to fight for what you think is right belongs to everyone. The term feminist not only applies to women but men as well because feminism is not just a female-centric term. The idea of feminism is to fight for equality for women for their rights, to say that they need equal opportunity and to make sure they come up in society in the right way. If my father is fighting for that for my sister and me, he is a feminist as well. Or I can call anybody be it male/female/transsexual or homosexual a feminist. I have been saying it for so many years I wonder why people have started writing about it only recently."