Bengaluru: Anupam Kher is a versatile actor. So is Deepika Padukone. 

But did you know that Anupam Kher made Deepika Padukone cry once? 

No, don’t assume that he hurt or injured her. 

In his own words, as quoted by DNA, "I remember one about Deepika. She was a very successful model before she joined my school. She was good at everything, punctual, and would do things with finesse. I had told her ‘you are here for three months, you can’t take a break’. I felt that she wanted to do everything perfectly. My point is, acting is not about perfection, it’s about the rough edges too. One day, to break her composure of being a perfectionist, I gave her an exercise in improvisation."

Anupam added, "I told her ‘you work as a bai (maid) in a house, there is nothing called ‘perfection’ (about her)’. She was spick and span about mannerisms, but her character wouldn’t know how to use a fork and a knife. That went on for 45 minutes… till I felt she had discovered (new things). I think she started crying!" 

The two actors have co-starred in two movies – Desi Boyz and Happy New Year. 

Presently, Anupam Kher is in New York, shooting for a TV show. He also shares daily updates on his Instagram account. He recently attended Nick Jonas concert at Madison Square. He is also spending some time with Rishi and Neetu Kapoor in New York.