Mumbai: Actor Tanushree Dutta's sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar seem to be encouraging other victims to come forward. The latest to join the tribe is Khamoshiyan star Sapna Pabbi. 

While the issue remains sexual harassment at workplace, Pabbi addresses another pertinent question through her story. In an interview, she shared that she had once faced a similar situation when her discomfort to wear a revealing bra was passed off by the producer as 'throwing tantrums.' However, the callous attitude of another woman present on the set shocked her the most. 

She took to Instagram to share the post: 

She shared how the woman laughed at the man's sexist attitude towards her. "I was judged for complaining about a bra by a man, however, it was a fellow sister; the one who I reached out to in confidence for the support that stabbed me in the back," she said. 

Here's what her unedited post read: 

We are pointing fingers towards men and not in anyway am I trying to undermine the part they've played, but I have been heartbroken by the lack of women coming and holding my hand whenever I've felt the most vulnerable under the power of a man's sexist behaviour towards me. If we do not support our girls then how can we expect our male colleagues to do so? I've witnessed women from several professional industries (I've worked in a few) bully other women in order to secure they're own position and accelerate their image in the eyes of their male peers. What happens when he starts to bully her? Do I too become oblivious, turn a blind eye and watch her suffer because she's a woman? I do see more women bullying women than women bullying men - have we succumb to shitting on each other now girls, to get ahead?