As the years fly swiftly, the entertainment industry is now opening its arms to numerous talents. Yet, the fencing is still fit as a fiddle to hold even the most stunning talent. Despite all these hurdles, there are a few individuals who wish to drop the veil and unleash the true artists.

Pranjal Khewalkar, with his production team desires to do the same. Coming from a proper corporate background, Pranjal recently decided to be a promoter of creativity. And considering Bollywood as the most crucial canal of creativity, he went on to become a producer.

Pranjal believes that the world is never running out of talent and that the industry always needs one. However, a few times of negligence from several powerful people can let the talent unexposed to the world. Therefore, Pranjal also took upon himself to be the helping hand for such artists.

Since Bollywood is already brimming with a myriad of skillful people, the need for souls like Pranjal has also heightened. The producer under the banner of his newly opened production venture, ‘Samar Production' already released the song ‘Na Hona Tumse Door.’

Marking the success of this music video, Pranjal Khewalkar now dreams to make web series and short films to enter the world of OTT platforms. Comprehending the anxiety of a fresher, Pranjal and his venture are now ready to take upon the orientation of promising artists.

The producer already has substantial experience in the corporate world. He had a good fortune in the world of real estate and construction business. Again, Pranjal has also got his hands in the sugar industry, power industry and event management industry under his belt. By opening this production house, he added one more feather to his cap.

Besides all this, Pranjal also possesses a benefactor’s heart as he runs an NGO Samvedna that does a lot of charitable work for impoverished people around the nation.

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