New Delhi: Netflix India has found their blue-eyed girl in actor Radhika Apte and while the netizens have found their next Internet meme subject. Tagged as 'Radhika Apte Netflix Favouritism Memes,' these viral jokes are doing the rounds and the actor has already found her favourite. However, she does deny being the unofficial queen of the streaming app. "I must say that they (accusations by trolls) were baseless. As in Lust Stories and Sacred Games I had small parts to play. It was only Ghoul that I was part of completely. I enjoyed and laughed at most of them. And somebody had told me once, that if you are part of memes that means you have arrived."

Talking to Shiv Aroor at the ongoing India Today Mind Rocks 2018 event in Delhi, she said, "I remember one of them clearly which was in fact creative. It said, "It looks like pani puri is over and I'm waiting for dry puri" (on her expressions being the same in all series). People say I have the same expression in every kind of a role. It doesn't bother me as I don't take the pressure. I want to have the freedom to fail and then bounce back. I take compliments and criticism equally." 

If you were wondering, here's the meme Apte is talking about:

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The 33-year-old actor also spoke about the mutual admiration with Netflix India. She said, "It is just that I love Netflix as a viewer and as an actor. They are just brilliant with their work, concept and also their marketing team. It was amazing how they churned out the memes and dealt with trolls with their great sense of humour."