His passion for music exudes through his singing, and that's what has made him a success story.

The level of momentum and the kind of success certain youngsters have gained over the years in across industries and sectors is incredible. Everyone talks and discusses about them more and more each day for the kind of hard work they put in and the consistent efforts with which they work in all that they choose to lay their hands on. The music industry is one of them that has so far welcomed many such talented beings, out of which one name that has been making a lot of buzz currently is Akash Meena. This young guy is all about his true love and sheer talent in music, which has propelled him forward in the industry as a true-blue musical artist.

Wondering who is Akash Meena? Let us tell you that this young guy hails from Ranthambore, Rajasthan, India, and from a very early age was attracted to all things music. He recalls how as a kid; he saw the rise of the many great singers in the Indian music industry and how their monumental success would encourage him to listen to his heart and step foot into the same as a singing talent. Fast forward to today, Akash Meena has been taking the Punjabi music industry by storm as a singer and lyricist.

He says that his journey so far as a young artist was not an easy path. He had to face his share of struggles, but his resilience and relentless efforts helped him ace his game in music and become the outstanding singer and lyricist he is today, rising as a potential star of tomorrow with his singing prowess and writing excellence.

Akash Meena earned much fame with his debut song titled "Lakk Hilave", a Punjabi track, under the production Old Town Records, featuring Sarah Khatri in 2021. The song went on to garner immense love and appreciation from the audiences and thrust Akash Meena to the top of the music game as a young singer and lyricist.

There is so much more that Akash Meena wishes to achieve in the coming years, and wants to cross boundaries as an Indian musical talent. To know more, follow him on Instagram @akashmeenaofficial.

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