The different genres of music have enticed a lot of people for years. But, amidst everything, there is something beautiful about acoustic or unplugged songs. And when it comes to acing such music genres, no soul can vanquish the harmonic singer Manmeet Singh Gupta.

The singer was introduced to music when he was 9 years old. Since then, he has been entertaining the masses with his mellifluous voice. In this era of pop music and party vibes, Manmeet Singh Gupta is driving the nation crazy with his soothing soft and Sufi music covers.

The singer has already earned a big name when it comes to live performances and concerts. He has experience of more than 1000 shows and every event has made him the best version of himself. Due to his pacifying voice, Manmeet Singh Gupta along with his band is the lifeline of many cafés and pubs.

The singer reaps a substantial amount of enthusiasts because of his dulcet singing skills. Furthermore, Manmeet Singh Gupta's performances at several stages and his official Instagram page are quintessential of his soulful unplugged singing. Each song comes directly from his heart, leaving us baffled with the thought that how could someone's voice be so mesmerizing and delightful to the ears.

Besides clubs and pubs, Manmeet has also shown a glimpse of his comforting yet cheerful voice on several high-profile wedding nights. The singer has also performed with various Bollywood singers. Taking inspiration from iconic singers like Palash Sen, Mohammed Rafi, Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam, Manmeet is doing a stupefying job.

The singer's talent was applauded many times in several ways. Manmeet Singh Gupta has also won the Voice of Nation award for being a part of the Guinness World record for singing non-stop for 23 days by multiple participants. He has also won Golden Voice of Khalsa, Sikh Youth Icon Award and many more.

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