Bengaluru: Death of the legendary actress, Sridevi, had shocked the whole country. The actress died in Dubai after she had travelled there with her family to attend a wedding. She was found dead in her hotel bathroom on February 24 last year.

There had been certain concerns regarding the reasons leading to her death. But postmortem reports from the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stated that Sridevi died by accidentally drowning in the bathtub, followed by loss of consciousness. 

Though it has been more than a year since the tragic incident, the claims made by the director general of police (DGP) in Kerala has given rise to a conspiracy theory.

DGP Rishiraj Singh has claimed that there was “circumstantial evidence” to suggest that Sridevi’s demise was not due to accidental drowning. He reportedly stated that it could have been murder. 

In an article that he wrote, Rishiraj Singh quoted one of the forensic officials. He said that his friend, late forensic expert Dr Umadathan had told him earlier that Sridevi’s death might have been a murder and not an accidental drowning case. The expert had shared this information with Rishiraj when he asked him about the actress’ death out of curiosity.

The DGP further wrote in his article in Kerala Kaumudi that his friend had pointed out certain facts to back his claims. According to him, it is impossible for a person to drown in one-foot deep water irrespective of how much they drink. They will drown only if somebody holds both their legs and sink the head into the water. 

Reacting to the DGP’s claims, Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor reportedly said that he does not want to respond to such "stupid stories". He went ahead to say that there is no need to react as such stupid stories keep coming anyway. He said that this is just somebody’s fragment of imagination.