Mumbai: Actor Imran Khan (and Aamir Khan’s nephew) is known to speak his mind on issues he feels strongly about. Currently, he is busy writing his debut directorial. But this time it was not him but his wife Avantika who got into trouble with trolls along with Sonam Kapoor Ahuja when both shared a post on Instagram which originally appeared on the Facebook page of Humans of Hindutva. But their posts upset some social media users who thought the posts to be ‘anti-Hindu’ in nature.

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Says a source, “Apparently, both had taken the original post from other friends. Sonam had shared the post by the Facebook parody page Humans of Hindutva on her Instagram stories feature which allows users to put up short posts that last for 24 hours before disappearing from the account. Their posts came in the midst of heightened tension between India and Pakistan and upset quite a few. But Avantika being the sensible and intelligent person she is known to be by her friends immediately deleted her Insta post when she came to know that. She has learned a lesson and won’t put up political or religious posts at all from now. She is busy with the Japanese restaurant, Mizu: A Modern Izakaya, launched by her brother Vedant Malik and Chef Lakhan Jathani and decided to keep it that way.”

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Avantika says, “As you can see, I have deleted the post. The troll army beat me. Also, I was not trying to be an activist. Only shared a post that my friend posted because I liked the thought and sentiment. Usually I don't post any political and/or religious posts and I have learnt a bitter lesson to not break that habit in the future. No more to say on this matter.”

She also posted a suggestive message on Instagram, hinting at being 'çollateral damage.'


Speaking of wars.... #neededtoseethistoday

A post shared by Avantika Malik Khan (@avantika_khan) on Feb 27, 2019 at 9:16am PST

The post from Humans of Hindutva reads as follows: 
"The average Indian has more in common with the average Pakistani than he does with a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to bomb in the name of Ram and lynch minorities and rally in support of child rapists. 
The average Pakistani has more in common with an average Indian than he does with an Islamic fundamentalist who wants to bomb others in the name of Allah and oppress women and put guns in the hands of children. 
Ordinary citizens everywhere just want to have a normal life and go to work and raise their children well and save up for a decent home.
Hindu and Islamic fundamentalists both have loads in common. Their minds are poisoned by hate and they both lack empathy for the other side. They both want war and do not care for its consequences. The cost of this extraordinary hatred of fundamentalists in both countries is eventually going to be paid by the ordinary citizens of both countries and the soldiers who are always first in line of a fire they did not ignite."