Reham Khan, ex-wife of former Pakistani cricket captain Imran Khan, has sent shock waves with her expose on all-rounder’s adventures in drugs, sex, his five illegitimate children “of which some are Indians” and his gay encounters.

In vivid detail, Reham, whose book was released Thursday (12 July), has alleged that her husband followed disturbing practices that left her shattered. This comes close to the Pakistan elections and may not mean good news for the cricketer-turned PTI leader. 

Through a vivid account of their marriage, Reham blows the cover on the political and personal secrets of the life she was introduced to.

Walking readers into their bedroom, she goes on to divulge details as, “I found empty cigar cases and huge tubes of KY jelly. When I asked what they were for, Imran explained that the lubricant and metal cases were used together. His 'preferences' became clear.”

In the book, she shares detailed account of sexual abuse, and adds, “As my appetite for food or entertainment disappeared, his appetite for abuse increased. I was giving him what he wanted. A small man who is scared of the big bad world needs to feel he is big and powerful at home. Conversely, strong men can afford to whisper gently and smile at the women they love.”

Journalist Reham also writes about incidents of his alleged drug abuse, corruption and bribery.
According to her, the grocery and greens at home were never bought but always “gifted”.

She pens about how she overcame financial issues in the family with three kids and no support, and how her husband always imagined himself as the future Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Reham claimed that Imran, who led Pakistan to World Cup glory in 1992, was “pleasuring himself to male bodies”.

“It was embarrassing to walk into the bedroom of a husband who was pleasuring himself to images of male bodies while his wife was busy cooking in the kitchen. Initially he would cover it very well by saying that he was seriously thinking of having surgical enhancement as he felt he could do with another two inches...I was genuinely shocked with his obsession,” Reham reveals in her book.

Claiming that he was into black magic practices, she writes, “On a day in November, I’d walk into the bedroom to find my new husband lying naked on a white sheet, rubbing kaalidaal (black lentils) all over himself. He laughed in embarrassment as he rubbed them on his genitalia. He then stood up and shook the lentils onto the sheet for Anwarzeb, the home help, to take away. I stood there in shock. Imran explained that Ahad, his brother-in-law, had brought a man with him who had recommended the treatment because he believed someone had done some black magic on Imran. I tried to explain to him that this was pretty ridiculous, but since we had been married only a few days, I didn’t voice my opinions too strongly at this bizarre practice.”

Parts of Reham’s book were leaked before its release, landing her in legal trouble as another ex-Pakistan cricket skipper Wasim Akram and many others served her notice.

She also claims to have received death threats. However, that did not stop her from releasing the book on Amazon and she has boldly announced that she is ready to prove all its content in court.

In one of the sections, she also speaks about his relationship with Jemima. 

“I saw him as an understanding ex capable of remaining good friends. Unfortunately, I would discover the level of control his ex-wife and her family had over him when I started to live with him. Despite his supportive behaviour, Jemima had expected Imran to entertain the kids while she went on holiday with Russell, even though Imran’s dharna was about to start,” Reham claims.

The 365-page autobiography is a powerful and moving account of a woman who appears to have led a life of much suffering, and the bitter truth behind celebrityhood.

“My husband would say he loved my smile and wanted it on-demand, but my husband did nothing to put a smile on my face,” she writes.