New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is about to complete five years but the Modi fever continues to rage on.

Case in point, a recent rap video titled Banda Apna Sahi Hai tweeted from BJP's Twitter handle and that has now gone viral. With lyrics such as Kisne tez daudna sikhaya Hindustaniyon ko, kisne sar uthaye Hindustaniyon ka, the rap anthem is unlike any anthem so far. Press play and hear yourself. 

Looks like the upcoming elections will be quite a musical affair. Political parties- BJP and Congress recently engaged in a virtual rap battle of sorts with both the parties posting parodies of a Gully Boy track on their social media handles.

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Earlier, Apna Time Aayega was turned into Pura Bahumat Aayega that featured 2 young rappers spitting fire verse for BJP and PM Modi. So far, the video has racked up over lakh views and is being widely shared on social media platforms.