Reality star and item-girl Rakhi Sawant's Instagram is a gift that keeps giving. Now, Sawant is back with a shady video on the 'good deed' of donating body organs. 

"Some people donate their eyes, some donate their lungs, some donate their kidney...such nice people in this world. Everyone is doing a social service," she said in a video posted on her social media site. Sawant can be heard saying that she also wants to do good and donate her b**bs, because that's all she has to donate. 


A post shared by Rakhi Sawant Official (@rakhisawant2511) on Sep 21, 2018 at 12:42pm PDT

The video has now gone viral, with many appreciating her sense of humour while others taking offence to her shady video. However, she does say that she doesn't know who wants her b**bs for donation. "Let's see who will get them," she says towards the end of the video.