Addressing the current social media obsession, she recently posted on Instagram. Elaborating on her post, she mentions " No matter how much money, sources, fame or followers one has, but to successfully run a show, one should have talent and consistency. These days social media plays a big role in determining any activity related to society. Even the entertainment industry!  A lot of the actors these days get selected from their social media handles but that is never based on the number of followers they have but is solely based on their talent. Utilize the platform to socialize and for reaching out to the casting agencies.  So, artists must consider social media as a great platform due to its universality but note that followers do not define your talent.  "

Even though Covid has paralyzed the normal working of the industry, Avani Soni said that it has given advantages to the industry too. She said due to Covid the audience has significantly increased and the rapid digitalization is also a by-product of that. She shared that even virtual auditions have come into place and that is a blessing for the actors. "Earlier for auditions one had to travel long distances, spend so much money and was so much of a physical and mental toll but now for auditions, just email or upload one clip according to the asked criteria and your work is done."

Avani is known to be a great supporter of raw talent and she is always up for introducing new talents. She even added some tips for the beginners in her post

Talking about the same, she says, "There are few must-knows an auditioner should know. One should properly follow the script even if it's a virtual audition. Virtual auditions generally take place live by video calling or one can even send pre-recorded clips (depending on the team). Even if someone doesn't get selected, their names are added for any further work as the casting agencies have their own talent data bank. So never get disheartened if you don't get shortlisted and keep grinding your talent. Stay in touch with Casting Agency and keep auditioning from home. Hard work, dedication and perseverance is the key."

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