Mumbai: Bollywood actress Koena Mitra has been sentenced to six months jail period by a metropolitan magistrate’s court in July. The court gave the direction after the actress was convicted in a cheque bouncing case. The actress denied the allegations and will soon challenge the court’s judgement, reports said.

The complaint was filed against the actress by model Poonam Sethi. Koena had reportedly borrowed Rs 22 lakh from Poonam. The actress issued a cheque of Rs 3 lakh to Poonam while repaying the loan. But the cheque got rejected at the bank following which Koena was asked to pay Rs 4.6 lakh which includes the interest of Rs 1.64 lakh, reports said. 

Poonam sent a legal notice to Koena on July 19, 2013, as per reports. Koena was unable to pay the required amount even after receiving the notice. The issue led Poonam to file a court complaint on October 10, 2013.

Koena, during the court hearing, claimed that her cheques had been stolen and that the complainant did not have enough resources to lend such a big amount. The magistrate of Andheri Metropolitan Court did not accept her defence.

Koena reportedly said that the case is totally false and that she has been framed in the matter.