From the age of 11, Arun Gaikwad started the never-ending journey of playing Tabla. He belonged to a middle-class family where the idea of following passion as a profession hurt his financial status. When Arun started playing Tabla he never imagined making this his full-time profession resulting in dedicating all his time to the music. Something that started as a profession eventually turned into a profession for him. Not just a great tabla artist but eventually his ways opened many doors as he started leaning towards playing different musical instruments making him a well-known percussionist.

Arun now can successfully play Dholak, Dhol, Cajon, Congo, Djeme, Darbuka, and Handsonic amongst many others. He established himself through a struggle of 25 years being in music. Arun's journey has inspired many as he is a completely self-made man. His success stories were built through years of hard work. He mentioned, 'I get up, get ready and start the day by playing Tabla and end a typical day by editing my videos. I never had a helping hand or you can say I never preferred one. Everything that I have today is what I have built for myself.'

He even played Bhajan’s, Santwani, and Dayro with organizers like Bhajanik Laxman Barot, Lokgayak – Kirtidan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, Tejdan Gadhvi, and many others. Arun has not only spread his talent in India but also has been part of many shows abroad for his excellence in music. His belief is, 'if you love something unconditionally you should embrace it.' He also added, 'I was desperate to earn money for my family and the only thing I was good at was playing Tabla, so I made the most out of it. I want to thank my wife for being there even through hard days. Being a tabla player it's hard to hold attention as people are more bothered about the singer. This is the reason for me music is a never-ending thrive.'

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