On Tuesday (7 August) when the website Pinkvilla.com posted an Aishwarya fan, Himalay Reddy’s open letter to her criticizing her choice of films and saying how disappointed he was in her, a huge fan war broke out with many of Aishwarya's fans saying how can Himalaya be a fan and criticise her so harshly?

A fan Ruth in the actress’s favour wrote on her blog supporting her choices. While fan wars of rivals are known to strike social media, this is probably one of those rare occasions that loyalties of the same star have become so divided!

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Himalay Reddy on Pinkvilla, “The only reason I was interested in this film (Fanney Khan) was Aishwarya Rai. She said this film is about a cause close to her heart — body-shaming. I really looked forward to this part, because Aishwarya herself was fat-shamed for not losing her post-partum weight quickly enough. However, the topic is never addressed in the film. I really thought Baby Singh (the character played by Rai), would stand up for this girl, and, as a role model to millions of women, would send a message across that it is not cool to chide someone for their weight. But nothing of that sort happens. 

She may have shot for about 10 days for this film. That’s all the work she did in the last two years. As a fan, who googles her many times in a single day, in the hope of finding some positive news about her signing good films, and waits such a long time for her films, I get Fanney Khan, which is like a slap on my face. And to make matters worse, during promotional interviews for the film, she reveals she couldn’t do films like Padmavati, Happy New Year and other major films. How does one get from Padmavati to Fanney Khan? Forget about fans, is this what you deserve, Aishwarya? Your talent, beauty, and stature deserve better and you know it! But I still believe Aishwarya can be a trailblazer of sorts if she sets her heart out to do it. Where is that fire, Aishwarya? Where is that passion to prove your detractors wrong?" 

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Ruth Reddy on her blog says, “Owner of multiple Aishwarya fanclubs and web pages, it disappoints and saddens me when a group of 5-10 wannabe boys pen down their thoughts and falsely claim it to be echoing the sentiment of many Aishwarya fans which is why I say… Dear Aishwarya YOU DESERVE so much more, for one - better fans…. and you have billions of them who love you unconditionally irrespective of the box office number or your choice of movies you continue to be OUR role model keeping it real. We are proud of YOU and how far you have come in being the torch bearer for India internationally and for being many of ‘the firsts’ in your realm of work while till today you inspire many, many, many of us. 

Of course as fans we ALL want to see more of Aishwarya, be it in movies, at Cannes or any public event, This has been conveyed to her numerous times and the broader fan base knows NOW the kind of person she is via her interviews and interactions. It helps knowing what her priorities are, what drives her into choosing movies one over the other. We have NEVER felt entitled to condemn and dictate what she needs to do with her career, look at her glorious years, this lady is a legend on her own, the choices she’s made and still continues to be a relevant name. We as fans sometimes need to draw a line, sit back and be assured that this Role Model has a fabulous reigning history of 20 odd years’ and there has been superb planning on her part to try experiment with different roles (big/small) and yet have the connect and impact on the audience. Yes productive feedback is welcome by ALL celebrities but mocking them to work more or retire is plain wrong especially when it comes to someone of Aishwarya’s stature.

If we had to take the article Pinkvilla published biasedly head on….the fact that this ‘so called fan’ watched the movie multiple times feeling discontent as Aishwarya contributed ‘0’ to the plot is very telling of his film review and analyzing abilities, completely missed the boat… how off is the statement? The story line revolves around Baby Sigh getting kidnapped and the fat shamed girl getting the opportunity to perform, not to forget when Baby Singh tells AK if the girl is hardworking and has the talent to become bigger and better than her, was that not empowering the ’fat girl’ and addressing body shaming from another angle? How isn’t that adding to the plot?

When a movie tanks, its usually the director and the creative team who has executed that take a hit but in Aishwarya’s case the movie is ALWAYS expected to ride on her shoulders, how and why? Despite just being a chapter in the movie it somehow always comes back at her. Never found it logical. What gave me gooseflesh is this fan went ahead to say he is happy FK failed  and that this should be a wakeup call to Ash? How sadist is that comment? How does one wish badly upon a person you are so mesmerized by?

For just a moment let’s leave the movie alone, Aishwarya has more than addressed body shaming in her REAL life even without making a single statement, it’s that basic! And for a person who follows and googles her multiple times a day it should have been clear.

Yes we want to see Aishwarya in full-fledged roles, bigger movies and see her more at the red carpets, also want her to connect and interact with her fans but as fans and well-wishers does that entitle you to become her critique in condemning her choices and lifestyle publicly the way this has been done?

Let us fans NOT make ourselves and our opinions BIGGER than the STAR…Let us respectfully give the lady credit for beautifully paving her way rather than sucking up to the biggies, applaud her for remaining humble and for having unparalleled success she has wonderfully achieved thus far, support her through the not so good ones as we encourage her and wish for her to do well and the best in the coming years.

As your well-wishers, we wish you all the best in ALL our endeavours and would love to see More of YOU. You will forever have ALL our LOVE and support.”

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