Bengaluru: Joining the #MeToo brigade actor Aishwarya is now accusing fellow actor Chethan of touching her inappropriately. 

“Shall I too raise it under #MeToo that Chethan had touched my back inappropriately during the rehearsal of the shooting of movie Prema Baraha,” she said. Interestingly, Aishwarya's father, actor Arjun Sarja has also been accused of sexual misconduct by actor Sruthi Hariharan. 

Sruthi had alleged that Arjun Sarja had behaved inappropriately during the rehearsal for the movie Vismaya. Now, Sarja's daughter Aishwarya has quipped saying even Chethan, who has been supporting Sruthi in her #MeToo fight, had invited her for dinner and his touch had made her uncomfortable.

Actor Chethan had also been criticised by Sarja and his nephew Dhruva for supporting Sruthi. 

He was supposed to play the lead role with Aishwarya in Prema Baraha directed by Arjun Sarja. Though the shooting for the movie had already begun, the actor was conveniently asked to step down by Sarja through a letter saying that he doesn't suit the character. 

No formal complaint has been made in this regard nor has Chethan responded to the allegations.