Allahabad: Ram Naresh Bhurtia's family in Bahraicha village in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, is the favourite of candidates contesting elections and no one dares to miss seeking votes from them. The reason: There are 82 members in the family and out of them 66 are eligible voters. 

This time the family has eight first-time voters and some have travelled distances to cast their vote. Majorly, the family depends on farming but two members of the family are working in private companies in Mumbai.

Ram Naresh is the head of the family and is aged 98. The two members who are working in Mumbai have returned home to vote. Vipin is Ram Naresh's grandson and is a first-time voter. He is the first one to enter college from this family.

All the eligible voters in the family vote in one polling booth and are welcomed by the booth officials 

The elder persons in the family are taken on two-wheelers and rest of the members walk to the polling booth and cast their votes without fail. 

They have been getting assurances from various parties for decades during elections that the high tension wires will be shifted from there. But, after elections, none of the candidates even visited the spot and high tension wires have remained there.

Now, tired of promises, the younger generation in the family wants to give assurances a last try. If no action is taken this time too, they are considering not to vote the next time.

As things have remained the same, the family feels that once the younger generations in the family get educated and land government jobs, things will become better for the family.