Thiruvananthapuram: Three policemen faced investigations for tampering with postal ballots. Their individual ballots were taken back after allegations broke out.

The three policemen who had gone to Punjab for election duty were called back from their election duty due to the postal ballot issue. They sent a request to the Chief Election Officer (CEO) asking for the return of their ballots.

It was discovered that the policemen had delivered their ballots to the address of another suspect, Manikandan. The Chief Election Officer then took back their ballots. All the three sent a request to the Chief Election Officer soon.

Investigators believe that their request is just a scheme to get themselves exonerated of charges.

Due to the alleged compromising of police postal votes by leaders of police association during Lok Sabha elections, Kerala witnessed an angry uproar from the general public and the opposition in the past few weeks.

The top officials of Kerala Police have acquired a copy of the order that provides for the centers for the police personnel to cast postal ballots in some other states like Delhi. In these states, nodal officers were appointed for coordinating and carrying out these facilities. The postal ballots were to be cast in the four days that were allotted.

Complaints have been filed that the postal ballots had been seized and votes were cast. Police even claimed that the leaders of the police association drew out a list of the people who applied for postal ballot to pressurise them on a regional level.