New Delhi: Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to be the sole focal point of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, emerging as the star campaigner of his party and the locus of all Opposition attacks, those in the media who swear by their opposition to him also seem to have lost all hope that he will go out of power.

If the tone and tenor of several Modi-baiters within the Left-liberal ecosystem in the media is anything to go by, then BJP and the NDA are surging back to power again with PM Modi as the next PM.

Rana Ayyub even after her all-out war-like anathema to PM Modi, tweeted that the BJP would in all likelihood come back to power.

“Waiting for the exit polls results (with the pinch of salt caveat). Though to be fair, most exit polls in India have always got the winning party right with a few exceptions. I won’t be surprised at a 280 plus for NDA. In exit polls I mean,” she said in a series of Tweets on Sunday.

Earlier, she had said on Twitter, “Have believed it for a while and now convinced, BJP will take upwards of 50 seats in UP, palpable saffron surge in West Bengal, not difficult for the NDA to secure a 260 plus,” she had tweeted.

Vikram Chandra had responded to Ayyub’s tweet endorsed her. “That’s a big prediction from @RanaAyyub - someone who is never scared of sticking her neck out. Need to get her on the @editorji election show to discuss those numbers!”

On Saturday, Barkha Dutt had in an editorial piece had also maintained that PM Modi had an advantage this poll season, though she had argued, based on her travels during elections, that it was due to the lack of national alternative, calling 2019 as the ‘Aur Kaun Hai’ elections.