Hyderabad: Former AICC secretary and its incumbent member P Sudhakar Reddy on Sunday (March 31) resigned from the party after writing a letter to Congress president Rahul Gandhi by alleging that Congress is demanding crores of rupees for its tickets to contest the Lok Sabha election.

“Unfortunately, the traditions and values of Congress party have changed contrary to the principle of the party. Money influence has increased in the allocation of tickets in Telangana in Assembly elections of 2018, MLC elections and Lok Sabha elections of 2019,” he wrote in the letter to the Congress president.


“It is shocking to find that crores of rupees is sought for allocation of party tickets. This kind of commercialisation of ticket allocation in Indian National Congress (INC) forced me to think about leaving the party,” he claimed while alleging that the reason for corrupt and bad practices is the failure of state leadership.

He also asserted that he had attempted to bring the same to the notice of party leadership but failed in the attempts.

“I tried my best to convey the factual ground situation, but high command is not receptive due to middlemen. I was annoyed with the attitude of the Congress party and its prominent leaders. There has been an inconsistent stand of Congress leaders on the issue of terrorism, national security and encouraging such kind of actions by the Congress high command has brought a bad reputation for the party and its leaders”, he said.

“Since the party has failed to understand the sentiments of countrymen, I felt, it is not proper to continue working with middlemen, irresponsible persons in Congress party,” the resignation letter stated. 

(With inputs from ANI)