New Delhi: The national capital, which is the residence of almost all high-profile political leaders, bureaucrats, big and small entrepreneurs, celebrities, is hardly voting. Delhi, which had to vote only in one phase for all its seven parliamentary constituencies, has so far had the lowest turnout percentage among all the seven states that are voting in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha election.

Worse, the abode of government officers has so far registered the lowest turnout even among all of Delhi's parliamentary constituencies, followed by the upmarket South Delhi, house to many top-notch businessman and other rich citizens.

Since the morning, with every passing hour, Delhi registered the lowest turnout, even worse than Bihar and almost half of West Bengal. Till 9 AM, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh had had a turnout percentage of almost 16% and 12% respectively while Delhi was struggling with less than 8% turnout.

At 10 AM, when the Election Commission of India (ECI) reported that 24% of Indians of the constituencies that are voting today had exercised their franchise, the voter turnout in Delhi was a pathetic 7.91%.

Till noon, while people were expecting Delhi would come out to vote in large numbers, they didn’t. States like West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana had turnout percentage 38.26%, 28.68% and 24.60% respectively. Delhi did not cross even 20%.

Till 1 PM, a few parts of Delhi like Chandni Chowk, North West Delhi, and East Delhi had come out to vote, which increased by 10% in one hour in the total turnout percentage of voting. But in comparison to other states, Delhi, every hour, registered the lowest turnout percentage. People on social media are also sarcastically commenting on Delhi’s low turnout percentage.

According to the data of ECI, people in South Delhi and New Delhi are not coming out in large numbers to vote even after the commission organised camps to encourage people to vote.