New Delhi: The Election Commission of India has alerted Twitter and Delhi Police about the fake news regarding the indelible ink used on voters' fingers during general election 2019. According to the ECI, Delhi Police have been asked to file a case against unknown persons and Twitter has been asked to remove the content. 

“I am directed to state that a fake news item regarding the ingredient of indelible ink used on voters’ fingers during the general election to the Lok Sabha 2019 is being circulated on Twitter. This fake tweet appears deliberately intended to cause mischief and mislead the voters, specially belonging to a particular community. The Election Commission of India has already asked Twitter to remove this fake tweet (copy enclosed). I am directed to request you to investigate the matter and take action against the perpetrators and entities under the relevant laws. This act is violative of IPC, particularly it section 505,” the ECI said in its letter.

According to the letter, the ECI wants an FIR to be lodged and the matter to be investigated promptly for violation of the aforesaid Section of the IPC and other related provisions of law. “The commission may be informed of the action taken accordingly,” the ECI said.

ECI writes to Twitter

The ECI has written a letter to Twitter as well, asking them to remove the content from the social media website. 

“I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that a very misleading and mischievous message is being circulated on Twitter regarding indelible ink applied on voters' fingers (screenshot attached). Links of a few such sources, which our team could find out, are attached herewith. The Commission considers it as highly objectionable, which needs to be stopped and taken down immediately from your platform,” the ECI wrote.

“It is, therefore, requested to take immediate action to delete this tweet/post as already requested through e-mail. You are also requested to find out the source of this tweet/post and take necessary action against the perpetrator. Please also share with us the action taken in this regard urgently,” the ECI wrote in its letter to Twitter.