New Delhi: Trinamool’s latest trick to object the election symbol of BJP has now been rubbished by the Election Commission. The Election Commission in its letter to Subrata Bakshi, the general secretary of Trinamool has said, "There is nothing to suggest in the approved symbol or in the symbol appearing on the ballot paper, as confirmed by the chief electoral officer of Bengal, that it reflects the initial of the party name".

Earlier, Trinamool's Dinesh Trivedi had lodged a complaint with the Election Commission, taking strong exception to the fact that "BJP" was written under its symbol.

Trivedi had claimed that having "BJP" printed under its symbol gives an undue advantage to the party. TMC had demanded either to remove the "BJP" initials from the EVMs or to include every party's names under its electoral symbol.  But it soon turned out to be a controversy over nothing. 

The EC clearly stated that there's no deviation in the approved design of the symbol of BJP on the ballot papers. BJP's symbol was marginally modified in 2013 and ever since in all subsequent elections, the same symbol had been used. EC also rubbished the allegations that BJP is imprinted underneath.