New Delhi: BJP may have national security as its overarching theme, but very carefully placed an economic vision for farmers, poor and women to counter Congress's NYAY that has become the Congress's main electoral slogan 'Ab hoga Nyay'. According to the Congress manifesto, Rs 72,000 per year minimum income is guaranteed by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi as part of his pre-poll promises. But BJP took pains to counter the freebie promise by Congress that has already started to gain traction in certain sections of society.

1. BJP promised interest-free loans up to Rs 1 lakh for farmers. This facility is extended for those farmers availing loans for 1-5 years on the condition of prompt repayment of the principal amount.

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2. The party has promised the welfare of farmers in its manifesto. In what it calls as Sankalp Patra, BJP stated that the party launched a scheme (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana) to ensure financial support to farmers owning land up to 2 hectares. They promise to further expand the coverage of the scheme to all the farmers in the country.

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3. Pension scheme for all small and marginal farmers in the country is promised by the BJP manifesto, released by Narendra Modi. It hopes to ensure social security to them on reaching 60 years of age.

4. BJP manifesto promised to double farmers’ income that senior ministers present called it a 'mission'. BJP has promised to make all efforts to achieve this goal by 2022.

5.  Kisan has been a term used over and over by the Prime Minister during his speech. Needless to say, the vision document also reflected that. "Our scheme, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana has ensured risk mitigation and provided insurance cover for all farmers. We will make enrolment of farmers under the scheme voluntary", noted the manifesto.

6. BJP under Modi has promised to reduce all agricultural imports and institute a predictable export and import policy with a built-in mechanism for encouraging exports and discouraging imports.

It's an exhaustive 48-page manifesto that has foreign affairs, India's macho stand on security; but what constituted its DNA was its focus on social security but not with the brazenness that will create a financial deficit once the new government comes in power. The PM in his speech said, "The work done in 2019 to 2014 will decide how India will look in 2047". BJP has tried to counter the buzz created by NYAY on a more feasible way. It remains to be seen who the electorate has been able to convince more.