Chhindwara/New Delhi: In a meeting with a group of Muslims, Congress's Madhya Pradesh president Kamal Nath appeared to be assuaging the concern of the community that might be flummoxed by his party's sudden pro-Hindu campaign.

Nath said that RSS workers in Madhya Pradesh are trying to mobilise Hindu votes and are ignoring Muslims.

“RSS's strategy is clear. They tell people if they want to safeguard the interests of Muslims, they must vote for Hindu 'samrat' Narendra Modi. If you vote for the Congress, the RSS claims, you cater to Muslim interests,” Nath was heard saying in a video (of the meeting) that has now gone viral on social media.

"Their slogan is Agar Hindu ko vote deni hai toh Hindu sher Modi ko vote do, agar Musalmaan ko vote deni hai toh Congreess ko vote do (If you want to vote for Hindus, vote for Modi; and if you want to vote for Muslims, vote for the Congress)," he said.

Nath then warned the representatives, “Be clear with their intention, they (the RSS) are trying to confuse you”.

Towards the end of the video, Kamal Nath is heard telling a group of Muslims, "hum nipat lenge inse baad men; matdaan ke din tak aap ko sab kuchh sahna padega [We will deal with them (the RSS) later; you have to tolerate everything till the polling day]."