DJ Maria is not an unknown name in party circles. She remains in high demand for parties in the role of a DJ. Thanks to her incredible skills that have made her the talk of the town. She is just 24 years of age and has bagged the prestigious IQA Award. 

She is a stunning model as well who is more busy being a DJ now. Since her college days, she has been active in the glam industry as a model. She has remained the part of many ad campaigns for different known brands, while DJ just happened in 2017 and since then it was no looking back for the lady. 

While talking about her shift from modelling to the world of DJ, she said that she is a chilled-out personality and she loved music a lot. The DJ thing just happened accidentally when at one of her friends’ party she got the chance to be a DJ for a while. But this hit in the right place and she saw people listening to her mix with love and patience. Since then it was no looking back for the lady and soon she was branded as the top and hot DJ in the town called DJ Mariya.

She hails from Mumbai and she entered the world of DJ in 2017 and soon turned instant hit among the masses. Her fame then reached to other places and she was called from all across the cities of India. 

She showcased some of her best creativity with her skills while working with other artists. She has been working on three new remixes, which are to be released in the coming month. She is missed at the fashion world though, yet the gorgeous model turned DJ has now become the most sought after DJ in the parties. She has now become a regular face on page 3 with her incredible knack and skills for music.