Bengaluru: Be it on the field or off it, BCCI president-elect Sourav Ganguly has always been known for his no-nonsense attitude. He calls a spade a spade and doesn’t shy away from not mincing words to express himself aggressively and most articulately. We have compiled some incidents from his life. 

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1.    The ‘refusing to carry drinks’ incident 

After his ODI debut in the year 1992, Sourav was dropped till he came back in 1996. There were rumours that he had refused to carry drinks, owing to which, seniors in the side were miffed, leading to his being dropped. In an interview to Rediff, he said “I don’t know where this story has come from. We had a manager on the trip to Australia in 1992, Mr. Ranbir Singh. He is probably the worst guy I have ever seen in my life. It is a shame that we have had managers like him for India on long tours. He was a shame, a shame to Indian cricket.”

2.    Ravi Shastri and the infamous India coach interview 

When the three wise men of India cricket – Sachin, Sourav and Lakshman – were tasked to find a suitable candidate for the position of India coach, they chose Anil Kumble. 
Though Ravi Shastri too had applied, Sourav Ganguly refused to be a part of his interview via videoconferencing as Ravi Shastri was out in Bangkok. 
Sourav, later reacted saying that Ravi Shastri had to be India keeping in mind the importance of the job. 

3.    Shane Warne shown mirror over his preaching 

Shane Warne had complained that Sourav was behaving in a way antithetical to the spirit of the game during as Sourav arrived late for matches in the IPL 2008. Asked about it, Sourav hit back with his characteristic disdain. 
He said, “We just need to look at Warne’s career to understand that he has no moral right to teach what the spirit of the game is. I just want to laugh at what Warne is saying. He should not be talking about the spirit of the game.”

These are a few which we have complied. Of course, there are other events like the shirt-waving incident at Lord’s or the infamous Greg Chappell spat and many more.  

All these incidents only highlight the point that the southpaw has never shied away from standing his ground. 

When he assumes charge as the president of the BCCI, many feel it this trait of his to talk straightforward and no compromising attitude that will help the BCCI in the coming days.