When creating NFTs, many want to jump on the bandwagon, make a quick buck, and get out of there. This is especially so with the hype over ape non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after HAPEBEAST became the most oversubscribed NFT. However, the latest group on the block, the Super Ape Club is different - they have a community in mind and are targeting the ever-growing metaverse.

Known as SAC for short, the Super Apes Club is led by a team of heavily experienced marketers and developers, and with the artistic stylings of Dragon Ball Z super fan artist. Like other apes NFTs, their first collection created hype in the pre-sale, and when it went public sold out quickly. This saw them accrue 20,000+ followers on discord plus 63,000+ on Twitter. 

This sounds good, but do you know what a super ape is? Well, you might be one, so read on. Are you someone who has fought through all kinds of challenges to come out on top? Some might say you’re a bit of a dark horse? Are you filled with primal alpha energy? If so, you might be a super ape worthy of the Super Ape Club. 

These muscular, powerful super apes also happen to be NFT avatars. There are 2,222 (too easy a number to remember) with over 300 accessories. Each of these randomly generated avatars comes with full provenance - they cannot be owned by anyone else and live exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Super Apes were minted at a fair price of 0.07 ETH each wherein all measures were taken to block out bots, bad actors, and gas wars. 

How does this build a community? This is a fair question. First, let’s look at the roadmap traveled so far. Once the designs were done, the Super Apes Club launched their pre-sale for whitelisted members to mint their apes then the NFTs went on a public sale. All were protected from gas wars and went smoothly without a hitch.

Now, this is where many NFTs bid farewell and go home. Not the Super Apes Club. Their plan includes building in real utility and an entire community of super apes—each one wanting to belong to the membership group and part of a genuine collective or group.

So now, they move on to the next stage of the roadmap. This begins with creating a new collection for all members. Each one will be airdropped with an enchanted part super ape and part werewolf character. Best part? These would be fully 3D avatars, and entirely game ready. 

This will be followed up with an ecosystem marketplace. Here members will be able to stake or unstake their characters to earn diamond tokens. So, what to do with these tokens? Well, get WL spots for one, buy NFTs and more!

With the fully 3D character air dropped to the holders, well, what do they do with it? How does on use a game ready character? Well, if you haven’t guessed already, it’s the metaverse! This is where the plan for the metaverse starts to feel more realistic. 

The Super Apes Club have plans to create a full jungle in the metaverse - a members-only area where super apes can hang out, collaborate and more!

Disclaimer: This is a featured content