The fertilizer industry in India has been witnessing a decent growth, having improved by leaps and bounds, especially in the last few years. It is more organized today than ever, with small, medium and large scale businesses making their presence felt across the country. The extensive use of fertilizers has allowed diversification and expansion of the business over the last couple of decades.

Agriculture and related activities now contribute more than 60 percent of the income in rural areas. Although fertilizers feed about 50 percent of the world's population, the recent shift in paradigm, owing to a number of factors, has made it all the more important for the new-age enterprises to adapt quickly in order to mitigate the challenges upfront.

While many fertilizer businesses have to put in the hard yards to take the right direction, others simply envision the need of the hour. Jyoti Group's S.A Trading has emerged as one such firm, backed by Amarendra Dhari Singh, who has been working in the Indian fertilizer sector for the last 25 years. A partner in the venture, AD Singh was quick to realize the potential of this dynamic industry and started tapping it early in the piece. 

Determined to work for the betterment of the Indian agriculture sector, which includes farmers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, Amarendra Dhari Singh gained full knowledge of various consumption patterns of fertilizers being used in different parts of the country. He had the zeal to dig deep and analyze the industry trends at a micro level and make a significant contribution to change the fortunes of the industry. 

Issues like risk management of fertilizer products, storage challenges, transportation, among others, were stemming the growth of the sector in the past. However, within a decade of operating in the fertilizer sector, AD Singh RJD started analysing such issues closely and came up with effective solutions through integration of technology.

He was one of the pioneers to formulate strategies for safe storage, safe disposal, labeling, training, engineering controls, protective equipment, etc. His decades of experience and know-how turned out to be instrumental in stepping up the efforts to better the industry and enhance the operations. 

It wasn't possible for any fertilizer company to manage all the risks on its own. Although Jyoti Group's SA Trading arm decoded the secret behind the success of European firms in the same industry, AD Singh's presence ensured that the implementation was as smooth as possible. He was always at the forefront of the decision-making process and successfully applied various strategies, building a robust portfolio of products.

The global fertilizer industry believes that only sustainable competitive advantages could boost the growth prospects of fertilizer companies. Many leaders have presented similar views of late. Likewise, Amarendra Dhari Singh has always been firm on the importance of strengthening the fundamentals of the sector. He believes that in a diverse and huge country like India, it is important to strengthen the bond within the supply chain of such a massive industry.

Having witnessed numerous changes and remarkable achievements in the fertilizer industry over the last many years, AD Singh has emerged as one of the most sought-after individuals in the sector. He is keen to see more innovation, ground-breaking ideas and integration of new technology in the sector for a comprehensive growth in the long run. 

At this juncture, the contribution of such players has put the sector on the right track. The industry experts are upbeat about the prospects, although the pandemic has struck hard. It is one of the few sectors that have emerged unscathed from the pandemic values despite the early jolts. 

The fertilizer sector still has its fair share of challenges, but it has the pedigree to go from strength to strength with more players aiming for a collective growth rather than a lop-sided and short-lived fest.

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