However, during the lockdown when the city was pitted with COVID 19 cases, he made sure to work for the people and families suffering from COVID 19. He left no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling by helping not only the poor and the underprivileged but at the same time helped the people suffering from it.
Being a businessman, he knew what loss is all about. More than 1100 crores have been lost for the businesses which have been active before the lockdown was announced. The loss would reach by 2000 crores in the medium and small business domains. However, with the recovery rate increasing, one can find some ray of home in the market. He is thinking on different levels to make his region self-reliant and stand on its feet. He is motivating the local business community to revive their skills and resources for their comeback.

In this tough time when the local businesses have been bearing too much of loss in their enterprise, he is trying hard to keep the business running. According to him, the government should take care of the businesses and support them by relaxing the GST and other things so that they can retain on their feet and thus support in getting their comeback in the market. He feels that the government should embark with some schemes that can help them stand and get back to work. In a sense Milind Pote is trying hard to seek all the support and help from the government so that the local business community can come up soon in the new normal.