In the online world where you have millions of choices, be it for information or for entertainment, sometimes it gets really baffling to get the most authentic and transparent platform which renders information in the truest form and entertainment that really entertains.

'Bong Trend' and 'Bangla Hunt' are therefore the need of all these baffled people. Let's know the reason- why?

Banglahunt Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. became more popular when it brought up its new entertainment platform 'Bong Trend' in January 2021. It brings for its 5 million people nothing more or less than amazing entertainment content like photos, videos, galleries dragging along lots of latest information.

'Bong Trend' is admired for its strict adherence to the entertainment of Bengali people. Its circumference of entertainment includes  Bengali entertainment, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood news, Viral Images, Videos, Serials, Gossip, jokes, and memes too.  It aims to have the support of 50 million people in the coming future.

Digital media has fostered the ease of mass communication by rendering information through various news portals. But a news portal that delivers the news without biasedness is an infrequent thing. Completely opposite to this is the infamous news portal 'Bangla Hunt' which was brought up by Bangla Hunt Digital  Media Pvt. Ltd. in 2017. It wraps up the news from the margins of West Bengal and India amassing the latest breaking news covering Entertainment, sports, politics, India, West Bengal, International, Lifestyle and Ajker Rashifal, and many more

The C.E.O Krishna Chandra, who has a lot of trust in his efficient team aspires to have the support of 100 million people with the intention to be strictly dedicated to Bong entertainment and presenting the news in an unbiased version.

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