A woman bit off and swallowed her friend’s nose during a violent argument in Houston, Texas, on 13 July.

The accused, identified as Jessica Collins, and the victim, identified as Tatiana, went out to a bar on 11 July. After the outing, the duo came back to the Tatiana’s home and Collins started demanding more alcohol and cigarettes.

When Tatiana asked Collins to leave, the woman jumped on her, grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.

Collins then bit off a large piece of the Tatiana’s nose and swallowed it.

“I didn't have time to react, to push her away. I think I was trying to fight back, but I couldn't. All I could remember was the taste of blood in my mouth,” said the victim, as reported by Mirror.

Tatiana also passed out several times and was unaware that her nose was severed until she was in the ambulance. "I was screaming, like, 'I don't have a nose. I'm 28 years old and I don't have a nose anymore,” she said as reported.

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old accused has been charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Doctors have said that Tatiana needs to have a plastic surgery immediately to reattach the nose. However, she doesn’t have health insurance and delaying the surgery would make things complicated.