Bengaluru: All thanks to the coronavirus that emanated in China and later became a pandemic, the world struggles to survive. 

While lakhs continue to be affected and thousands have breathed their last, China, the epicentre of the virus, is in the news again! This time, because a kissing competition was organised as part of a shop reopening. 

According to 7news website, the "kissing contest" was held in East China's Jiangsu province. This was in celebration of the reopening of a furniture factory in Suzhou city.

The Yueya factory invited 10 couples including those who were married to kiss. However, it was a fun event as the couples, wearing boiler suits, were kissing separated by a plexiglass to avoid the exchange of saliva during these tough times of health crisis.

The video of the event has gone viral with views of over 10 million in 48 hours, according to the Australian website.

Factory owner Ma told local media, “Some of the participants were actually married couples who both work in the factory. This pandemic has made everyone very tense. They haven’t been able to relax, and that might cause mistakes in the production process.

“That’s why I arranged the kissing contest to make everyone happy. To avoid any accidents, we put a piece of plexiglass between everyone and disinfected it with alcohol several times.”


The organisers said this event can help the factory workers relax & there's a transparent glass between the kissers.

Some of the netizens reacted strongly, calling it “senseless”, “bizarre” and “nonsense”. A user called it “stupidest” way to celebrate.

Meanwhile, India continues to observe the extension of the lockdown. The extension is supposed to end on May 3. 

The first part of the lockdown was supposed to end on April 14 but owing to the severity of the virus, the extension was sought by several chief ministers.