An astonishing video of a robot solving the Rubik's cube in 0.305 seconds has left everyone speechless on the internet. It was posted on Instagram by the official account of Guinness World Records, showcasing the hard work done by the engineers at the Component Production Engineering Center at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. 

The caption read, "Fastest robot to solve a rotating puzzle cube 0.305 seconds by Component Production Engineering Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 🇯🇵"



The video shows the root solving the rotating puzzle in the blink of an eye. The comment section is full of people expressing their amazement and congratulating the engineers for their accomplishments. 

One user also suggested creating a different category for records broken by robots. They wrote, "It would be better to create a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (Robots Edition)"

Some users also made jokes about the engineers making robots to solve the Rubik's cube. One user wrote, "Who needs flying cars and the cure to global warming when you got a robotic rubix solver."

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The event took place on May 21 in Tokyo, where the record was made. Mr. Tokui from Mitsubishi Electronics is the main man behind this. As per GWR, Mr. Tokui was always sure of the quality of the company's products; however, he wanted to prove to the world that they are excellent and are made by top engineers. 

The official account of Guinness World Records also commented on the video with a fun fact and wrote, "Fun fact: The fastest average time to solve a 3x3x3 rotating puzzle cube by a human is 4.48 seconds, achieved by China’s Yiheng Wang."

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