As kids, all of us have dreamed of becoming an astronaut and stepping onto Moon or Mars, at some point of our lives, but only a fortunate few get to walk on the path that leads to space. And a teenage girl is set to realise her dream and create history.

The 17-year-old Alyssa Carson, from Louisiana, US, is giving major inspirational goals to people from all generations as she is likely to become the first human to set foot on Mars in 2033. Currently, she is being trained by NASA to become an astronaut. Alyssa will be 32 when she embarks on mission to Mars.

Apart from this, she has earned many firsts in her life. After her father enrolled her in the United States Space Camp in 2008, she became the first person to have visited all the 14 NASA visitor centres thus completing her NASA Passport Program at a tender age.

This is what the young achiever, Alyssa says "Follow your dream. When I was three saying I wanted to go to Mars, it was absolutely insane. But now, I am out here doing actual training"

She is also the youngest to have been accepted into the Advanced PoSSUM Academy and hence graduation from there, which now makes her eligible to go to space, at the age of 15.

She is determined and fortunate enough to have embraced with the rocket's license even before applying for it. She seems to be donning many hats as she is presently working on her pilot's license, apart from high schooling in four varied languages along with scuba diving certification and underwater survival training.

Her father has been a constant support since she first aspired to become an astronaut when she was merely three years old. He has stuck by her side in all her endeavours.