Pakistan: A news anchor was left red-faced on live TV after she confused apple the fruit with Apple Inc on Live TV. The clip has gone viral on Twitter. 

In the video, the anchor can be seen discussing budget with a panelist, who was explaining that, “Apple's income is larger than Pakistan's budget.” At this point, the anchor interjected, "Yes, I have heard that even one apple is very expensive."

The panelist however managed to gain control of the situation and casually corrected the anchor saying, "We are talking about Apple phones here, not the fruit."

The anchor who was left embarrassed covered up the incident with a coy smile and continued the conversation with the panelist. 

This incident has left Twitterati in a frenzy with several of them retweeting the clip with whacky captions. 

A few days ago, the government of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province live-streamed a meeting but accidentally forgot to turn off the cat filter on the phone.